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About Chuck Olson

My favorite part of my job is working with the quality individuals who make up the OCI family. My title is CEO (Chief Expense Officer) but I have put many years of my life into the foundation and expansion of the company. I am a proud employee of 35 bosses, father of 3, big papa to 9 ¾, wine connoisseur, avid yet terrible golfer and jetsetter (more likely airplane setter).

Succeeding in Life

Over the last couple months, I have been thinking about all the accomplishments and blessings I have been given. To consider the fact that once abandoned on a street corner as a kid by my mother, spent time in an orphanage and foster care, life has been so very good to me. I want to

To Be Skinny or Not

The administration has released new rules for the short-term policies. We knew this was coming but I was surprised that they will allow renewal for up to three years. These are a fantastic alternative to the expensive plans available through Affordable Care Act. Now that they have been released, the critics are up in arms

Association Membership = Continuing Education Credits

A bill has been introduced and is in committee at the Nebraska Unicameral that would allow agents to earn six hours of continuing education credit by being a member of a professional association. When I first heard that Senator Mark Kolterman was putting forth this bill, I figured that any professional agent would applaud and