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To Be Skinny or Not

The administration has released new rules for the short-term policies. We knew this was coming but I was surprised that they will allow renewal for up to three years. These are a fantastic alternative to the expensive plans available through Affordable Care Act. Now that they have been released, the critics are up in arms

Healthcare Naming Rights

Ok, I had to wait to calm down before I wrote this blog. The very fact that a healthcare system touts itself as both non-profit as well as for-profit collection of care systems has decided to purchase the naming rights of an arena seems to go against the very nature of what it says is

It Has Been Some Time

Let me start by apologizing for not keeping the blog up to date like in the past. The time has been flying by and I had actually gotten some “writer’s block” about what to write. My hope is to get back to writing one or two blogs per month. First, let me bring you up

Times Change, Services Should Too

Guest blog by Nick Elbert Recently a life insurance application was submitted by our team to a carrier to issue a new life insurance policy. 60 days later, we received notification from the carrier stating that the medical facility, from which medical records had been requested, had acknowledged receipt of the request but that it

What does it mean to serve?

A guest blog by Charles Olson What does it mean to Serve?  I suppose it depends on the context, so let’s focus on what it means to serve in the business sense.  At OCI we talk a lot about providing excellent customer service and making sure that an emphasis is placed on ensuring our partners

Selfishness Versus Selflessness

I hear all the time how everyone wants to help others. We see it constantly in the media, on social media sites, and by well-meaning individuals on Facebook. GoFundMe and other crowd funding sites are all the rage. Let me mention the most under-utilized and most selfless method of helping others. It is called INSURANCE!

Solutions to Individual Health Insurance

With our elected leaders unwilling to correct the problems with Affordable Care Act which by the way is everything but Affordable, at least President Trump is doing something. His latest executive order is an attempt to force the individual market into some type of correction. By suggesting that short term policies be extended so as

FAKE NEWS – Get your Fake News right here

Well, the media released the latest information about the expected premium increases for 2018 by the only carrier (can you say monopoly?) remaining in the individual market for Nebraska. Medica has proposed rates that were touted as an average increase of 17% over last year but let me suggest that first and foremost, this is

Playing on a Team

With the baseball season in full swing and the College World Series just a few weeks away (by the way, General Admission ticket books are available at our office), now is a good time to discuss teamwork. If you have ever played any type of team sport, you will understand that every person is important

Are You Still Passionate About Your Career?

Seems like there are many people I meet over the course of the year that are not as passionate about life and their careers as they once were. Many are just going through the motions and have lost the zeal that new agents and brokers have. Gone are the days of excitement in making the