OCI welcomes new sales executive to Brokerage division

Sales Executive Darwin "DC" Couch has joined OCI's Brokerage Division. DC will be helping brokers expand their financial risk product offerings. Darwin “DC” Couch began as a career agent with Farm Bureau Insurance of Kansas. After a couple of years of personal production he was named Agency Manager in western Kansas in charge of production,

OCI expands insurance offering with AIMCOR Group

OCI is pleased to announce its alignment with AIMCOR Group, a national insurance marketing organization, that specializes in marketing and distributing life, annuity, long-term care, and disability products. Since 2003, OCI has remained steadfast in helping agents be successful and ensuring that their clients receive the best possible products and service. Once OCI decided to make

It Has Been Some Time

Let me start by apologizing for not keeping the blog up to date like in the past. The time has been flying by and I had actually gotten some “writer’s block” about what to write. My hope is to get back to writing one or two blogs per month. First, let me bring you up

New ACA rules allow exemptions to marketplaces

The Trump administration has rewritten several rules for buying health insurance through the ACA marketplaces. The new rules offer exemptions from the ACA requirement in states where there is only one insurer. [Read about the full details here.] All Nebraska and Iowa residents will be able to purchase non-compliant plans and not be subject to a penalty because

Times Change, Services Should Too

Guest blog by Nick Elbert Recently a life insurance application was submitted by our team to a carrier to issue a new life insurance policy. 60 days later, we received notification from the carrier stating that the medical facility, from which medical records had been requested, had acknowledged receipt of the request but that it

Announcement: Lanes for Lane Fundraiser

OCI will be hosting a special fundraising event this year: Lanes for Lane. All proceeds will benefit the Lane Thomas Foundation which supports families of children who need life-saving organ transplants. We invite you to come bowl with us at The Mark on May 3rd or consider becoming a sponsor! When: May 3rd, 2018 Time:

What does it mean to serve?

A guest blog by Charles Olson What does it mean to Serve?  I suppose it depends on the context, so let’s focus on what it means to serve in the business sense.  At OCI we talk a lot about providing excellent customer service and making sure that an emphasis is placed on ensuring our partners

New Life Quoter, Disability, LTC resources available

Need assistance with Life, Disability, LTC or Annuity Quotes? Check out our new online Life Quoter, request a specific quote, or get help servicing your policies. We have a dedicated team that will work with you to find the best solutions for your clients. Click the button below to learn more and run a quote. Get

OCI separates from McGill Brokerage

A decision has recently been made for OCI to separate from McGill Brokerage and begin our own internal brokerage operation. We will take the service, support and technology you’ve come to know from OCI and bring it to the world of life, disability, long term care and annuities. It is with much excitement that we

Explaining HSAs to your clients

Need help explaining how HSAs can benefit your clients? Here's a handy video that you can show them that outlines what they need to know.