Chuck’s Top 10 for 2016 | #7: Be Honest With Yourself

Over the years, I have many times vowed to lose weight. I have come to the realization that I am not being honest with myself. If I truly wanted to lose weight, I would stop entertaining, enjoying good food and wine, and change my overall lifestyle. The reality is that I enjoy those things more

Chuck’s Top 10 for 2016 | #6: Set Rewards

Most carriers used to provide rewards such as contests or company trips. Many still do and why do you think they do it? The reason is quite simple. IT WORKS! I am sure that much of my success in sells was the trips that Mutual of Omaha provided. My wife was always aware of the

Chuck’s Top 10 for 2016 | #5: Break It Down

I remember once when I was a kid, someone told me they could pick up my house and move it across the street. “That is impossible!” I said. He then proceeded to explain that by moving one brick at a time, it could easily be done. The old adage of “It’s hard by the yard,

Chuck’s Top 10 for 2016 | #4: Stay on Target

In golf, the target is to put the little white ball in the hole somewhere in the distance. If you are like me, you sometimes find yourself offline from the target. In our practices, the same scenario can develop. From the tee box, the hole seems simple; hit the ball down the middle of the

Chuck’s Top 10 for 2016 | #3: Set Your Goals

It is surprisingly simple and yet it is my observation that few people take the time to set their goals. I have likened it in the past to going on a vacation with no idea of the destination you are going. Without a destination in mind, how in the world will you know when you

Chuck’s Top 10 for 2016 | #2: Partner Up

The insurance agent is notorious for being the high ego, lone wolf producer. That may have worked in the past and possibly a few will always remain. In today’s world, the need to specialize has changed many of the dynamics and finding those with skills you do not possess has become a necessity. You see

Chuck’s Top 10 for 2016 | #1: Find a Coach

Every good athlete knows that a great coach will improve results. No matter the talent level to begin with, a coach will push towards even higher levels of achievement. Recently, I hired a personal trainer to assist me with regular exercise. Could I have done an adequate job of training on my own? Sure, I

Department of Labor Fines Santa Claus

Department of Labor Fines Santa Claus The Department of Labor has announced it is taking action against Santa Claus Inc. because of unfair labor practices. Department of Labor spokesman Ima Spoiller stated that Mr and Mrs Claus have abused and taken advantage of a class of individuals for way too long. The proposed fine is

Coverage by Jan 1st deadline extended

The December 15th deadline has been extended to December 17th at 11:59 pm PST due to unprecedented consumer demand.

Important UnitedHealthcare Commission Announcement

Although UnitedHealthcare's individual On-Exchange plans remain available in all 34 states marketed for 2016, it has been determined we need to further adjust commissions paid on these products. Effective January 1, 2016, no commissions will be paid for any new UnitedHealthcare Individual On-Exchange (and Off-Exchange mirror plans*) enrollments received on or after this date, in