Are You Ready For ACA 2.0?

The election is over and all through the land, not a person was sure what Trump had on hand.  His knowledge is huge and the bluster is over, it’s now time for ACA to be covered with clover.  Keep some or repeal all is the question today, which is better is for us, it is

Consumers Need to be Educated

I had the opportunity this last week to see our dysfunctional health system up close and personal. This situation was absolutely mind numbing to say the least and is another example as to why we need consumer involvement in the healthcare purchasing system. Here is the synopsis of what happened. I am on a maintenance

Aetna Individual Business Announcement

Effective December 31, 2016 Aetna has elected to terminate all Individual Market General Agency contracts across the nation. This will not affect your group business with Aetna / Coventry as that is a separate contract. Unfortunately, it does affect your individual business meaning OCI will no longer be able to service, process or inquire about any in

When Did Honesty Become Obsolete?

I was brought up to respect one thing above all others. Honesty! Seriously, my parents were staunch believers that lying was never acceptable. Today, it seems it is not only acceptable but rather is expected. From our leaders all the way through to everyday people. It is permissible to be dishonest as long as your

Nebraska Dept of Insurance Listening Sessions

The Nebraska Department of Insurance has announced ACA listening sessions for September and October. The sessions will cover a variety of topics including the future of the ACA, 2017 premiums, health insurance options for individuals/small business and more. See the original press release. Full list of dates and times below: September 2016 Session Dates:

Download 2016 UHC flu shot fliers

UnitedHealthcare has released several flu shot fliers that agents or brokers can use for the fall/winter season this year. PDFs are available for download below: Member Flu Shot Flyer Customer Flu Shot Flyer Adult Vaccination Flyer

Time to Pay the Piper

“It’s now time to pay the piper!” Any idea where this phrase comes from? It actually originated back in the days when traveling musicians would travel the countryside and provide music for the elite. A musician would play (usually a pipe or flute because they were easy to carry) and provide the music to dance

Department of Labor ruling

Ok, I know you probably have heard all about the ruling the DOL has put concerning the fiduciary standards. BUT WAIT, the DOL has done even more damage. For a government agency that none of us elected nor do we have any say in its decisions, it has recently caused serious problems on two fronts

Concerns on the Marketplace

Does everyone have to play on an even playing field? As Insurance Professionals will tell you, the only advantage each of them has is the services and knowledge to provide to the client. Now, what if one broker was allowed an absolutely unfair advantage? Would that be acceptable? Insurance Professionals in the health arena are

BCBSNE discontinues new sales of Individual TempCare product

Blue Cross Blue Shield Nebraska issued the following statement this morning: Dear Broker: Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Nebraska (BCBSNE) will be discontinuing new sales of our Individual TempCare product beginning 4/21/16. At this time, we are re-evaluating our strategy around short term medical plans to ensure we can offer the best product to