Reach us by phone at 402-330-8700. If you know who you want to speak with, you can look up their email below.


Account Executives

Name Title Email Phone
Paul Scholz Vice President of Group Sales Email Paul 402-330-8700
Eric Larson Account Executive Email Eric 402-697-5625
Justin Wilberger Senior Sales Executive Email Justin 402-330-9494
Nate Berger Account Executive Email Nate 402-697-5641
Sara Fleming Senior Sales Executive Email Sara 402-697-5648
Todd Drapal Senior Sales Executive Email Todd 402-697-5631


Name Title Email Phone
Hannah Ries Director of Operations Email Hannah 402-330-8700
Deb Olson Administrative Assistant Email Deb 402-697-5621
Sarah Whitmarsh Administration Email Sarah 402-330-8700

Group Sales

General Contact:

Name Title Email Phone
Rich Boltz Director of Group Sales Email Rich 402-330-9481
Aaron Richard Group Sales Administrator Email Aaron 402-330-8700
Alli Messina Group Sales Administrator Email Alli 402-330-8700
Alisha Beran 50/50 Group Sales Specialist Email Alisha 402-330-8700
Amy Beguin Senior Group Sales Specialist Email Amy 402-330-8700
Beverly Deitering In Force Specialist Email Beverly 402-697-5642
Brenda Holt In Force Specialist Email Brenda 402-330-8700
Debi Clark In Force Specialist Email Debi 402-697-5640
Jessica Heywood Renewals Specialist Email Jessica 402-697-5628
John Lawman Group Sales Administrator Email John 402-330-8700
Nate Osborn Group Sales Specialist Email Nate 402-697-5624
Stephanie Vedral Senior In Force Specialist Email Stephanie 402-330-8700

Individual Sales

General Contact:

Name Title Email Phone
Nate Olson Senior Vice President Email Nate 402-330-8700
Ashley Larson Individual Administration Email Ashley 402-697-5635
Dan Dahl Individual Life/Disability/LTC Sales Email Dan 402-330-8700
Kevin Lindmier Medicare Specialist Email Kevin 402-330-8700
Lee Moe Individual Sales Assistant Email Lee 402-330-8700
Lisa Polito Individual Sales Email Lisa 402-330-8700
Todd Beran Account Growth Manager Email Todd 402-697-5622
Tony McNair Renewals Administration Email Tony 402-330-8700
Yvonne Warren Individual & Medicare Enrollment Specialist Email Yvonne 402-330-8700


General Contact:

Name Title Email Phone
Kenny Peel Director of IT Email Kenny 402-330-8700
Nicholas Evans IT Administration Email Nicholas 402-330-8700
Sean Peel IT Support Email Sean 402-330-8700

Licensing & Commissions

General Contact:

Name Title Email Phone
Darrin Faughn Director of Commissions/Licensing Email Darrin 402-330-8700
Joanna Earlywine Licensing/Commissions Email Joanna 402-330-8700


Name Title Email Phone
Julie Torres Marketing & Events Coordinator Email Julie 402-330-9491


Name Title Email Phone
Chuck Olson CEO Email Chuck 402-330-8700
Charles Olson II President Email Charles 402-330-8700
Nate Olson Senior Vice President Email Nate 402-330-8700

Worksite Division

Name Title Email Phone
Teresa Swoopes Worksite Director Email Teresa 402-330-9487
Eleanor Upton Worksite Director Email Eleanor 402-697-5655

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